Dead Ringer, Duck Buster Universal Front and Rear Sights


The Dead Ringer Duck Buster Shotgun Rear Oval Sight gives an extremely easy-to-see sight picture that is quick to pick up in any light. The size of the rear oval sight has a built in yardage estimator designed to indicate when the bird is in range. When the bird’s wings span from one side of the sight to the other, it is 30-35 yards from the shooter— inside the kill zone of most any shotgun. The base of both the front and rear sights are constructed of T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum, and easily mount onto any standard ventilated rib. The rear sight adjusts for windage and elevation. The orange ring on the rear sight and the front sight inserts are made of from optical Lexan. 2 extra front sight inserts are included. The Dead Ringer Duck Buster is a rugged Shotgun Sight that will give years of service, providing great target acquisition to bag more birds.

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  • Easy-to-see sight picture
  • Built in yardage estimator
  • T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum bases
  • Mount onto standard ventilated ribs
  • Adjusts for windage and elevation
  • 2 extra front sight inserts


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