Thompson Centre, Dimension Bolt (RH & LH – SERIES A,B,C,D)


Thompson Center Arms, USA

Dimension Interchangeable Bolts

Available Bolt Calibre Families:

  • “A” Family (Right & Left)
  • “B” Family (Right & Left)
  • “C” Family (Right & Left)
  • “D” Family (Right & Left)

Key to the Dimension’s interchangeability is the Locking Optimized Components (LOC) System. The LOC System consists of a universal stock and receiver that accepts multiple barrels, magazine groups, bolts and bridge scope mounts, and are grouped into four Dimension Caliber Series (color coded and labeled A, B, C and D).

Picking out the right LOC system at the store and assembling it at home is as easy as matching the bolt and magazine group to a barrel of the same series. LOC System stocks, receivers, bridge scope mounts and hand tools can be used with any of the Series components.

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How to build your custom DIMENSION:

Pick out the perfect Dimension for you in 3 easy steps.

  1. Choose a barrel package that’s designed to fit the caliber you intend to shoot most. The magazine and parts are already included in the barrel package. Identify which of the four Series designations (labeled A, B, C or D) is on the package.
  2. Select a left-hand or right-hand bolt in the same Series.
  3. Choose the stock and receiver that matches the Series of the bolt and barrel.

How to transform your DIMENSION:

  1. Choose a new barrel in the caliber you want and identify its Series.
  2. Choose a bolt in the same Series.
  3. Assemble with the stock and receiver of the same Series.

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Calibre Series    Right Hand #       Left Hand #          Bolt Family and Description

“A” Family



Dimension Bolt Assembly ‘A’ – 204 RUGER, 223 REM

“B” Family



Dimension Bolt Assembly ‘B’ – 22-250 REM, 243 WIN, 7mm-08 REM, 308 WIN

“C” Family



Dimension Bolt Assembly ‘C’ – 270 WIN, 30-06 SRINGFIELD

“D” Family



Dimension Bolt Assembly ‘D’ – 7mm REM MAG, 300 WIN MAG

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
Calibre Series | Left or Right

"A" Right, "A" Left, "B" Right, "B" Left, "C" Right, "C" Left, "D" Right, "D" Left


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